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Shenzhen Leete Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2014 ,we have a 10 years outstanding industrial design group and 8 years experience in hardware and software of mobile phone and digital products . We are a professional enterprise of smart wearable devices(smart watches , smart bracelet etc) developing and producing .Multi-industry elites are working together to build a new intelligence field , keep abreast of the times and create new consumer electronic products.


Leete Technology currently employs more than 100 people, about 60% among them are special for the developing, manufacturing and marketing of smart wearable products. Since its inception, Leete Technology has been adhering to the rigorous , pragmatic and efficient . Continuing to learn from failures, summarize the experience, steady and rapid growth. Leete  Technology focuses on product design and function breakthrough , with the help of high-quality supply chain,offer the service of ODM,OEM and our own brand LEEDOY to our new and old customers.


Company Mission :

Efficient and Innovative,  Rigorous and Pragmatic

Company goals :

Close to the consumer trends of era, devote to the innovation and development of lifestyle and health consumer products. Do our best to build a new reputation brand within 3--5 years



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